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Staff - Carbon Fibre(棍)

Staff - Carbon Fibre(棍)


Includes long weapons case.

  • Includes a long weapon case.


    Carbon Fibre Weapons - The Advantages

    ​Professional weapons designed for competition and modern Chinese martial arts training. Lightness, balance, handling, the best value in a high-performance sports practice.

    Achieve greater speeds using a much lighter carbon fibre weapon compared with traditional wooden staff / spears.


    Tapered ergonomic design. Its tip is thin, its base is large and weighted for excellent inertia during rotations. Carbon fiber offers great strength and do not break as easily as a wooden weapon, and do not deform, unlike wooden weapons.


    Our carbon fibre staff and spears are approved by the International Wushu Federation for competition.

    Come feel the difference at one of our training centres before purchasing.

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